Freitag, 8. November 2013

Artikel 6: Biomechanical Analysis Of Tai Chi Chuan Fixed-Step Push-Hand

Yao-Ting Chang, Jia-Hao Chang

Department of Physical Education, National Taiwan Normal University

Push-Hand is to learn how to apply the Tai Chi Chuan in reality. The purpose of this study was to clarify the characters of ground reaction forces (GRF) and trajectories of center of mass (COM) while interactive fixed-steps push-hand (single hand operation – peng style). Six subjects practicing Tai Chi Chuan at least five years participated in this study. VICON motion analysis system and KISTLER force plates were used to simultaneously collect three dimensional kinematic and GRF data respectively. And all data were analyzed by Visual 3D and Matlab software.

Results showed that the trajectory of COM was ellipical. And GRF of both legs varied with COM. In this study, some principles of Tai Chi Chuan mentioned in ancient books were verified.

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